Monday, April 6, 2009

Child of the 50s

The experiences that inform my patriotism is founded on my relentless attempts at a scholarly immersion into history, my stateside and world travels, and my belief in the American family, not as an icon, but as a unit willing to fight for its freedoms.

My brother and I were typical 1950s kids growing up in post war American Dream suburbia – in Texas for a while, then Okinawa, military-brats, the term for kids of a career military man- the two boys, Danny and Rusty, well behaved or justified spankings followed, growing up on hamburgers and "co-cola," jitterbug dances and hayrides, surrounded by country woods, catchin' crawdads down in the "crick," in the holler’; church on Sundays, walking home, listening to the "negro" churches along the way, with their heavenly sounding gospel; walking to school across railroad lines, pastures with bulls, Herefords and Longhorns, raccoons and opossums, getting bit by farm dogs, and pretty girls in skirts when we got there; sounds of the times, Elvis, Sam Cooke, doo wop and air raid drills.

These were the prosperous Eisenhower years; then, America repairing itself from within, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I related to both of them. But, they died too young, and no one could be too naive after that, Viet Nam, notwithstanding -the good guys always die too young. We saw the real change of civil rights progression in this country.

By the 60s, I was fortunate in being able to travel the world and finally study abroad, graduating from art college in Australia. My studies in graduate school taught me to read widely, think deeply, and take notes and research and check sources, before forming an opinion. Consider the other side, always. I have lived the American dream.

Now I caution those I see mindless of their great prosperity, not to forget how fortunate we are in this country, notwithstanding economic hardships. My travels have taught me that this is the greatest, most innovative, industrious and compassionate country in the world. However, we have also proven to be naïve and have a short term memory with regards to our historical aggressors. There are great and disastrous Democrats, and inspiring and woeful Republicans, so our common struggles should be bi-partisan, but, alas, this is not proving to be as promised.

So, the reason for the blog is to network with open-minded people. We need to preserve our liberties, our American identity, and protect this country from extremists of all kind, in our neighborhoods, and in high government places - within our borders, outside our borders; welcome Mexican immigrants, but impede illegal immigrants; Certainly, welcome Islam, as all religions are welcome; but remember it is fundamental Islamics,the Taliban, al Qadea, and LeT, who train and send suicide bombs against men, women and children, still, and stone disobedient wives; God Bless America.

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